Whether you are new to lacrosse or are trying to find a new position, there is a chance you are having trouble finding the right position for you and your skill set. In order to make the best decision for you and your lacrosse game you need to factor in your body type, your speed and your stick skills. Those three factors in your game are vital to choosing the perfect lacrosse position for you. Each position requires a different factor more than the other two, which is how you will decide what is best for you. We’ll discuss why each position is good for you based on your lacrosse skills.



This isn’t the flashiest position on the field, but it probably is the toughest to play for numerous reasons, including being pelted with lacrosse balls from a close range. One thing you will need to be a goalie is a threshold for pain because of the chance of being hit with a hard lacrosse ball. Most people think goalies are just the slow players but that stigma has changed over the years as goalies now are very athletic and have quick hands. Another trait you need is a lot of personality to be able to get your defense set up in front of you, as communication is a huge part of being a successful goalie. You don’t need many stick skills to be a good goalie, but what you do need is to master the technique of all the different types of saves.



Many people in the lacrosse community think that defense is just made for big physical players to be successful defense. While it is good to have a physical presence on defense, it is equally as important to be able to handle the ball well and get it over the midfield line. A successful defensemen has a nice balance of physicality, speed and stick skills, but this does not mean you have to be a big and strong person. The faster the defenseman is, the better opportunity there is for a transition to create scoring chances. You also need to have a mindset that you would rather stop the other team from scoring goals instead of scoring goals yourself.



Although midfielders don’t require you to have size, what a successful midfielder does require is being strong and fast. Midfield tends to be the most skilled played on the field because he has to commit himself to playing defense, starting transition, and being a key part of the offense. To be a successful midfielder you will need to have a great sense of the field, selflessness and quickness. Most offensive scoring is all started by the midfielder’s speed and vision on the field.



Once again, a good attackmen doesn’t have to be a particular size but they do need a particular set of skills and mindset in order to be successful lacrosse players. The most important thing about being an attackmen in lacrosse is having superior stick skills than any other position. You must also have superior field vision to know when to take your shot and score, or dish to another player to set up a goal. It is also imperative that no matter what size you are that you have the strength and speed to get past defenders and finish.



Choosing your first position or a new position can be a difficult process for any young lacrosse player. You want to make sure it is the right position for you and that you can excel at it. After you pick your position you should do anything you can to learn more for that position.