Everyone who has made it to the top in the lacrosse world has taken a lot of time and practice to get there. You can only reach the pinnacle of your lacrosse career if you practice day in and day out to make yourself better. While there are various activities, exercises and drills that can help you reach your potential, wall ball is one of the best for your game. Below we discuss the benefits of wall ball for your lacrosse game.


Try to keep a good distance away from windows wherever you play wall ball. Brick walls also aren’t the best textures for throwing the ball because the uneven surface allows for weird bounces, which will leave you chasing balls more than training. Look for a place with a nice high wall, which you can usually find at warehouses and schoolyards. You also can use tennis walls near tennis courts.


First, always keep your feet moving, just like in a game. Keep your stick and feet positioned the same way you would in a game as well. Get yourself into a routine, time yourself and don’t stop your feet until you’ve reached your goal. Keep trying to break that goal every day. When you throw the ball, make sure your hands are high and stay around your chest. If you coax your body into doing this, it will settle into a state of muscle memory that will help you in a game. Put your whole body into every throw. You want that hip strength and proper positioning with your legs to get maximum velocity on your throws. Don’t stand too far away from the wall, either! You want the ball to come back as fast to you as it would in a game.


One of the many benefits to playing wall ball in lacrosse is that it will increase your stick skills. Stick skills refer to a player’s ability to cradle a ball with each hand, shoot and pass efficiently. Your game will be lacking if you don’t keep up to par with these skills, as these are essential for a well-rounded player. Whether you are on offense, defense or even a goalie, increasing your stick skills can always benefit you as a player.


There are some pretty basic training techniques you can use when just starting out on the wall, like learning to throw and catch with both hands. Try to do 100 reps on each side of your body. You then can interval between two hands: throw with one, then quickly switch and catch the ball with the other hand. Lacrosse is a beautiful game. Never forget your love for the sport, and never take a day you’re able to play it for granted. Challenge your friends and make some friendly competitions out of wall ball to compete with each other to be the best. Wall ball shouldn’t be the only drill that you do, but it should be one of your core fundamental drills that you rotate.


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