Ryan O'Connell played Midfield/Attack for the Mt. View Lacrosse program, graduating in 2022.  Many knew Ryan outside of lacrosse, as his personality and charisma extended beyond organized sports.  A lasting characteristic of Ryan was that if you met him, you would remember him, and he was your friend.

Ryan was unstoppable, not in a win, loss, or competitive sense, but rather in his pursuit to enjoy life to the fullest and for the eminent happiness he naturally found and conveyed in all aspects of life--every day.  Those who knew Ryan found in his friendship - promise, hope, laughter, anticipation, and an unbreakable connection. Ryan left nothing on the table in his all too short life. He lived “Unstoppable".

Shortly after Ryan’s passing, the Bend community poured out their love and support for Ryan and the O’Connell family…and this love and support continues through today.  A fund, in Ryan’s name was created with the intent of assisting student athletes who want to participate in lacrosse without having to navigate the financial burdens of playing.  As you know, club fees and purchasing a helmet, pads, etc. can make playing this sport cost prohibitive.  The “Ryan Fund” was created to help defray those costs.

If you are interested in contributing, please reach out to the Mountain View Lacrosse Club at or use the Venmo link below.


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  1. Stay Positive in the face of adversity

You have more of an opportunity to overcome any challenge with a positive attitude over a negative one.


  1. Focus on the task at hand

Unnecessary distractions are always present on and off the field. By focusing in on what needs to be accomplish at the current moment we accomplish our goals.


  1. Play with Passion

“Do it with passion or don’t do it at all.” Make the most of your time by fully committing to each moment.


  1. Play as a Team

Teamwork is imperative to success on the field and in many aspects of life. We all have strengths and can contribute to the success of the team.

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